Marketing Services With Infographics

Law students are busy. How do we get their attention? One way is with infographics. Information graphics, or infographics, provide a way to visually communicate complex qualitative information or quantitative data quickly. Information communicated through infographics can capture attention, relay a message quickly, and even improve cognition.    

You don't need a background in graphic design to come up with something creative that will work. There are many tools available to help you. Since we are busy too, here are a few very easy to use and free web apps: allows you to create your own infographics as well as share it through social media. The template designs are easy to manipulate, but the selection of customizable templates are limited. The web app also offers a “Marketplace” which connects users with designers and marketers to create truely professional infographics.

Creating your own, professional looking infographic or “vheme” (visual theme) is intuitive with Most of the editing is done by dragging and dropping objects, charts, and themes onto the canvas. The web app also allows you to easily share or download your creation. allows you to create charts or infographics from templates. This web app allows you to upload pictures and videos to help create infographics that are easily shared through social media or added to a website. 

When we are faced with competing for students' attention, how we communicate and interact with students is increasingly important and challenging. Infographics provide us with a method of communicating our services and other information quickly. If you have experience using any of these or you have found others that you like, please let us know.