Classic Going Away for Law Schools

This summer, law school accounts will move from dual-system availability so that by Fall all law school users will need to make the switch to using Lexis Advance only.  The vast majority of content should be available in Lexis Advance at the time of the switch with international caselaw being the notable exception.  International caselaw will be migrated at some point in the future, but just not in time for the law school migration.  Links from Lexis Advance to the international caselaw in the will be maintained until the content is migrated.

Lexis is confident that with the spate of new functionality released in January, law school users will be ready to make the switch.  New functionality includes depth of treatment indicators in Shepard's, segment searching capabilities, and sharing of document folders.  See Lexis' release update.

Alerts are something that will need to be addressed by law schools during the transition as alerts that have been set-up in the environment will not automatically migrate to Lexis Advance.  They must be re-set up by hand so it will make sense to have a conversation with your school's Lexis representative prior to your transition date.

3 Comments on “Classic Going Away for Law Schools

  1. Adding insult to injury, we learned from our rep today that Kincaid’s post above is much closer to the truth than was the news release upon which I was relying. The link from Lexis Advance will be a sliver of services that have not yet been migrated to Lexis Advance.